Another couple of little anecdotes from the wisdom of almost 5-year-old Xander, my son. Today he graduated from nursery school and I couldn’t be prouder, particularly after reading through his work folder of all the things he has achieved from his time at nursery. Here he is receiving his certificate from the Deputy Head Teacher, Mrs. Clark.


So anyway, later on in the evening we were discussing a couple of things, and one thing that came up was a possible name for “Button” our child on the way. He is still of the opinion that we should call it Xander if it is a boy. I commented that we would get mixed up if they both had the same name, to which he replied – “No we wouldn’t Daddy, I would be Xander the First!” I really couldn’t fault his logic.

Then merely a matter of minutes later, I brought up the subject of what he would think if Button was a girl and what would she play with, dolls or cars. Once again, he showed his sensitive and thoughtful side by just telling me “She could play with both, then she would have a choice…” I really hope this thoughtful boy continues like this when Button is born as I really think he will be a fantastic big brother.

Daddy out.