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Synopsis: A former Presidential bodyguard manages to make it into The White House following a terrorist attack on the building that culminates in the President along with his closest advisers being held captive by a foe who has his own agenda. Using his knowledge of the building’s layout, Mike Banning will attempt to gain access to the President and rescue the situation, along with his own reputation.

Main Cast: Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Rick Yune, Dylan McDermott, Angela Bassett

The Hype: This being the first of two movies this year regarding the hijacking of The White House, this all action flick has all the hallmarks of a typical big budget, mega explosion – fest with a high body count and even bigger empty gun casing tally. With an impressive opening weekend in March, the film should take back its budget with ease.

What I Thought: Well, as action films go, this wasn’t too bad. However, you could have set it in say…a skyscraper office block, replaced Gerard Butler with Bruce Willis and you would have had the film Die Hard. It’s exactly the same story, just a different setting. Olympus Has Fallen is a classic example of taking an old idea and changing a few details and making bucks out of it. That said, they don’t do a bad job of it and there is plenty going on here to keep you action junkies occupied. The shoot ’em up scenes are pretty well done and although the use of blood is plentiful, it’s not done in a hugely gruesome way, or intending to push the shock boundaries. Kang played here by Rick Yune, the antagonist is a bad guy I can get on board with. He makes a threat and actually carries it out with no hesitation which is something that I often find lacking with bad guys in movies, too much talk and not enough carrying out their promises.

Conclusions: All in all I found this an entertaining action movie that although its plot was completely stolen from a classic film, carried it off quite well and if you like guns, action and fast paced movies, then this just might be up your street. It remains to be seen how it compares to the other White House film this year – White House Down – but I have a feeling that from that movie’s trailer and the use of Will Smith action film type humour, I will prefer this one. This movie will make a perfect “Dad” stocking filler at Christmas.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 3stars