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Coming soon to Smurfin’ The Web – A season of Star Trek movie reviews. It is my intention to re-watch all of the Star Trek movies from 1979’s The Motion Picture to Into Darkness from just this year (which I have yet to see.)

There will be spoilers so if you haven’t seen any of the movies, you will be warned beforehand just as I am doing now. Like I said, I haven’t visited most of these movies for many a year and having almost completed the Enterprise show, I figured that a short movie season from the same subject matter would be a refreshing change from the usual movie reviews that I do. If you would like to contribute anything, feel free to get in touch and I would be interested in having a guest blogger for one of the movies.

I hope that you will find the time to have a read. No stardate has been decided to start the series, but I would estimate somewhere at the start of July is very possible. Hope to see you soon.