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On Father’s Day this year, my son Xander and I spent some quality time together in the great outdoors. Owing to the fact that my wife Kell is pregnant and Button is making none of her clothes fit any longer, she wasn’t able to join us on this occasion, but it was a good opportunity to spend a day with Xander in some beautiful weather.

My day started with a lovely breakfast in bed comprising bacon butties and coffee, accompanied with a card and a box of my favourite sweets, Toffiffee. Mmmmm. Having checked the weather, we decided that we would head to Tyrebagger woods for the first time to see if we could find any of the sculptures that are dotted around the walks there. We used to go to Countesswells, but since they started charging £2 for parking which I find ridiculous, we haven’t been back. Xander loves the outdoors and there are plenty more places to see around Aberdeen for free.

Kell made us a nice packed lunch and we set off and armed with an internet map, we headed out. There are 4 walks at Tyrebagger, Blue which is the shortest, Red which comes in a 2km, Brown and Yellow which does a complete circle of Elrick Hill, so its quite a climb. Most of the sculptures are on the red walk so we picked that one to begin with. 2km later, we hadn’t found any sculptures, so we decided to stop for lunch and try again after a rest. Xander was keen to spot them so tiredness wasn’t a factor for him. We paid closer attention to the map this time and found the first one straight away the second time round. Xander decided that he wanted to take the brown walk, which entailed going over a bridge which he likes, so off we went. The brown walk is mostly uphill and joins onto the yellow walk giving us great views of Aberdeen. The path is quite stoney and Xander’s imagination ran wild here with him proclaiming that it used to be the Yellow Brick Road and we were on our way to find Mombi!, lol. We didn’t find any of the sculptures on the open hill (I suspect some of them are actually missing) and we headed back to the car for a little snack.


So after only finding one sculpture on the red walk the first two times, Xander said he wanted to go round again to find the rest. This time we were much more successful. Some of these things are pretty well hidden by the way and I recommend it, its good fun, especially with a small child in tow who loves to walk. In all over the course of the 4 hours we were there, we must have trekked around 8-9 km which for a 5 year old is phenomenal, he just loves being outside so much. What follows is a gallery of our journey and I thank Xander for such a fabulous 2013 Father’s Day =-)