The day has arrived! After a whole year (I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last Eurovision blog series) we are down to the last 26 countries. The running order has also been decided and instead of drawing the acts out of a hat, the organisers have set the order in a way as to make the show more interesting and not have too many acts with similar styles of song together and such like.

The UK’s Bonnie Tyler has been drawn to go 15th which is much better than the dreaded 1st spot they got last year. Her song has actually grown on me a lot and unlike my wife, I think we might just end up on the left side of the scoreboard this year. The second half of the final definitely has the better set of songs in it so I think that we can discard the first 14 or so songs from getting anywhere near the top 3 places.

And so on to my predictions. Well, unfortunately one of my favourite songs – San Marino – didn’t make it through to the final. I think that they could have made it into the top 3, but I think there are better songs that have made it through from both semi finals. To make it interesting, I am going to give you two possible sets of top 3 results. I think the top 3 could look like this:

  1. Denmark
  2. Ukraine
  3. Georgia

My second set of results could look like this:

  1. Denmark
  2. Norway
  3. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a strange creature. It is possibly one of the most different Eurovision songs we have seen for quite a number of years and there seems to be a liking for it across Europe. As you can see from my two possible outcomes, Denmark tops both lists. Unfortunately, from the outset and long before the countries had even chosen all of their songs, it would appear that our Danish friends have been chosen to win the contest this year. Their performance in the first semi final was okay, but certainly not the best. The ticker tape shower on the crowd smacked of putting the cart before the horse and very presumptuous.

Personally I think there are far better songs that are capable of winning Eurovision this year – namely Georgia, Ukraine and Norway, but like last year, I think the winner has already been chosen. If the UK want to win next year, they have to pick a young girl, put her in a white dress and make sure she has bare feet.

Sarcasm aside, I wish all the acts the best of luck and hope that Bonnie Tyler doesn’t win, but does a respectable job. I’ll be happy with top 10. I will be very happy with a Ukraine, Norway or Georgia win though. Have fun on Saturday night if you are watching and be sure to check back on Sunday for my review of the final and competition as a whole. See you soon =)