Last night’s second semi final was very competitive and we now have another 10 countries through to the final on Saturday. We had a nice little musical act to open the show and after being given the instructions from host Petra Mede who was wearing what UK commentator Ana Matronic described as “an open casket funeral for her legs”, we were straight on with the entrants.

I managed to score 6/10 yet again in this semi final with my predictions and there were some shocks. Here is a list of the qualifiers from Thursday.

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Finland
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • Norway
  • Georgia
  • Romania
  • Hungary
  • Malta

Like I said, a couple of surprise winners here. Armenia were actually booed in the arena following their qualification, but someone noted that it may have been down to the fact that there were many Azerbaijanis in the crowd. Personally I think the song is very weak and I certainly didn’t expect it to progress. Romania also qualified. The falsetto voiced Cezar giving a great account of himself and although he has a fantastic voice, it still sounds wrong. What I was disappointed at was the fact that San Marino did not qualify and I felt that the song was a really good one and her performance was really good and should have been enough to get them through.

I think if the Maltese singer Gianluca Bezzini smiles anymore he is going to have some really sore facial muscles. He is just having so much fun and he gets the chance to do it all over again on Saturday. Lastly, although the sing isn’t one of my favourites, Greece qualified with a strong performance. I would have still swapped them for San Marino though, lol.

So we now know all of the countries that will fight it out in the final on Saturday. I hope you will check back tomorrow to read my preview of the final and who I think will make it into the top 3 places. I was going to leave you with one of my favourite acts from the second semi final, but as they qualified, I don’t want to spoil the actual stage act for you. Instead I will leave you with the opening performance which was very clever I thought.