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Let’s now preview the second semi final for tomorrow. I’m not sure whether there was a stronger set of songs this year, perhaps they are a bit more even than I had first anticipated. Here are my predictions for the second semi final qualifiers.

Georgia – This is a cracking song. I reckon this will be in the top 3 on Thursday night if not the winner of the semi final. A strong song, and a great performance will see Nodi & Sophie easily qualify.

Norway – My favourite song of all the entries this year. This girl is hot, talented and should be getting tipped higher than she is. I think the pre-semi final odds of 6/1 are longer than she deserves and I would put it more around the 3/1 mark. If she can do it live, then Margaret Berger must be in with a shout of placing this year.

San Marino – I still can’t believe that this is the same girl who sang the “Social Network Song” last year. This is a very good song that has a point, is brilliantly sung and I think they will surprise a lot of people this year. Full marks for making more of an effort in 2013.

Switzerland – The name change doesn’t dampen the spirit of this song. It’s still a catchy number with easy lyrics and I think it will qualify on Thursday. They should be able to give a good performance on the night.

Azerbaijan – They have a great record in Eurovision and I think we will see Farid Mammadov qualify with this song in Malmo. From what I have read, he is quite popular in Eurovision circles and this could be another for an each-way bet on Saturday.

Albania – I’m going to stick this in here, purely because I like the song. Scandinavia like their rock music and hopefully some of those countries will give this song some votes. The track has a catchy tune and its about time we had more rock music represented in Eurovision.

Malta – They have picked a nice cheery song and the young singer really looks like he’s enjoying every moment of his time in Eurovision. I hope he gets through; partly because of his enthusiasm, but also because the song is very listenable and has that classic European country Eurovision sound.

Iceland – A decent song that will certainly get votes from its neighbours in Scandinavia. Will everyone be willing to share the votes around though, with Iceland, Norway and Finland all in this semi final, surely someone has to lose out? On Thursday though, I think Iceland will make it through to Saturday’s final.

Greece – It’s not often that the Greeks fail to do well at Eurovision. Last year was their worst finish for a very long time and I don’t think they will do much better this year, although I do think they will sneak into the final with this song. However, if it doesn make it through, it won’t do well on Saturday.

Macedonia – I was actually lost for a last qualifier for this post. In the end I plumped for the one out of the four countries I’d narrowed it down to that had the most YouTube views. A peculiar track mixing traditional dance, and ballad sounds. This is a VERY outside chance for qualifying.

And there you have it. I shall review the semi final on Friday and see how I faired with my predictions. I hope you enjoy the semi final.