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As the title of this post suggests, tonight’s post will bring you the final four semi final entries for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. I wonder if any of you dear readers have picked out any favourite tracks yet? Lets see if these can wet your appetite a little more…

albaniaAlbania managed to finish 5th in last year’s contest. This year they have gone for a completely different style and I’m guessing it may have some difficulty in qualifying, but you never know. Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko perform “Identitet“, a rock tune which I rather like, but it won’t qualify purely because of the guitar solo. So many Eurovision fans just don’t get this kind of music at all and widdly widdly style guitars just don’t cut it here. If it qualifies it won’t get many points, but I just don’t see it getting that far, a pity because I do like it, but I’m being realistic.


georgiaThe second track today is performed by Nodi Tatashvili & Sophie Gelovani representing Georgia and the song is called “Waterfall“. From the outset, you can tell where this is going. Its a pretty bog-standard harmonised love song duet. However, I quite like it actually. It reminds me a little of Broken Strings in its style and I reckon this will qualify quite well on Thursday. I am going to give this one a good mark as I may find myself listening to this on my own time after the contest is over. Yes, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this one in the end. I hope they do a good performance.


switzerlandThird up? Switzerland. Ah yes, La Swisse. This act have had to change their name owing to the fact that they are members of the Salvation Army and using the name Heilsarmy contravened Eurovision rules regarding politics. They are now called Takasa which apparently means “clean” in Swahili, but unofficially it means The Artists Known As Salvation Army, clever eh? 😉 Their song “You and Me” is a catchy tune which I have on my iPod and I reckon that this will qualify pretty well. With ten to go through from this semi final, it shouldn’t be difficult to pick which ones make it, this is one of them in my opinion. It was also one of the first songs picked so its had quite a bit of internet publicity. Not a fan of the video though, lol.


romaniaLastly we head to Romania. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear. I think Cezar has been sneaking oestrogen into his coffee again. This is just wrong. A woman’s voice on a man’s body. “It’s My Life” is a poor song, poorly performed and stands no chance of qualifying to the final in Malmo this year. Sorry Romania, but you have done much better than this and could have. Zero stars from me. So we’ll be without Romania this year and that brings me to the end of the semi final entrants. Tomorrow I shall write about the remaining acts from the Big 5 and then on Monday I will preview the first semi final and make my qualification predictions.