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israelNot too many to go now. My first one tonight is Israel. Now they surprised me a few years ago with one of their entries. This year, Moran Mazor performs the song “Only For Him” which starts out quite well, but loses its way somewhere in the last third of the song. There’s no doubt that she can sing and has an Adele look about her. As for the song…well, it’s a decent effort but I’m guessing that some form of political voting will come into effect here and rule Israel out of the final. Darn it!, I went and said the “P” word. Sorry, I was trying really hard not to, but there you go. Sorry. The plunging neckline made up for the song though 😉


armeniaWe welcome back Armenia to Eurovision this year after their short hiatus and they have chosen a rock ballad for their 2013 entry. Dorians‘ song “Lonely Planet” is clearly a message song much in the likeness of Finland’s entry a couple of years ago about saving the planet. These types of song rarely succeed in Eurovision but for me the song is likeable enough, not to a huge degree, but fair. If  the winner of Eurovision was chosen on the biggest set of eyebrows however, this guy would win hands down, they’re HUGE! Tweezers dude – seriously! I don’t see this one qualifying I’m afraid.


hungaryThird on my list tonight is Hungary. I really enjoyed their song last year and was hoping for the same again. Their entry “Kedvesem” by ByeAlex has been remixed and chosen to represent Hungary this year. This song went to number one in Hungary and is quite catchy in fact. The title translates as “My Darling” and although I don’t understand a word of it, the song is very likeable and certainly better than some we have heard. This may scrape into the final. I don’t suppose it is too difficult to perform, but a decent showing on Thursday night could see them through. Interesting video to this one which may be utilised on big screens to enhance the song.


norwayLastly today, Norway. Now personally speaking, this is my favourite song of ALL the entries this year. Margaret Berger sings “I Feed You My Love” and its great. She is hot aswell but that doesn’t change how good the song is. Berger is well-known in Norwegian music circles and despite coming runner-up in Norwegian Idol in 2004, she has gone on to have quite a good career and chart success. This song will definitely get plenty of votes and should easily win the second semi final. I am a big fan of electro music and this is no exception, right up my street and one I have on my iPod on a regular basis. We have to be looking at this track for a top 3 place in the final at least. Performance is everything though so she has to make sure she gets it right on Thursday or all could be lost.