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Four more entries for you from the second semi final today. After the disaster that I thought was Finland, we head first today to Malta.

maltaGianluca Bezzina sings “Tomorrow“. This track has a ukulele on it. Not always a bad thing in my opinion. This song is certainly better than some I have heard this year and I have a feeling that this might just qualify for the final in the name of variety. I can’t see it doing any great things in the final if it gets there, but its a pleasant enough listen. Malta have a decent record of qualifying for the Eurovision final and we in the UK normally give good points to Malta. I’ll give this a fair mark I think.


bulgariaBulgaria have chosen to sing their entry in their native language. “Samo Shampioni“, performed by Elitsa & Stoyan is a traditional sounding song, but with a dance track behind it. It’s an odd mix of sounds but it’s performed pretty well, with lots of drum work, so I think we can expect plenty of strobe lighting during the semi final performance on Thursday next week. This duo has actually entered before in 2007 with a similar look and sound and finished 5th so they have applied the same formula and I think they might make it through to the final although probably more owing to the fact that the second semi final competition isn’t that great.


icelandWe head back into Scandanavia and Iceland who quite often enter a rock act have chosen a softer song for this year’s competition. Eythor Ingi sings “Eg a Lif” which means “I am Alive”. I heard this one quite early as it was one of the first songs picked to represent their country. I guess it’s an alright song, but I don’t think it goes anywhere fast and the usual key change gives it the classic Eurovision format. Songs like this have won the contest, but the bookies don’t fancy it much. The song is a similar style to last year’s Estonia entry by Ott Lepland, but nowhere near as good. Pretty dull after listening again so I don’t see this one qualifying in all honesty.


greeceLastly today, we go to Greece who have a great record in the Eurovision Song Contest. I have a feeling that they really do not want to win, and with their financial situation, can you blame them? Koza Mostra have enlisted the help of Agathonas Iakovidis who is a pretty famous Greek folk performer to try to improve their chances, but “Alcohol Is Free” really isn’t a good song in my opinion. I think this one will split opinion on the night. The ska/Greek sound is catchy, but it doesn’t do great things to my ears when listening to it a few times. I think it will qualify, but only just and again only to provide some variety. See what you think… personally I think Greece have entered far better songs in the past and lost.


More again tomorrow folks, time is catching me up again and I still have to preview the first semi final before Tuesday 😉