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And so, striding into the second semi final we go and lets not waste any time and get going because its only one week until the first semi final, how time has flown.

sanmarinoFirst up tonight is San Marino. I actually think that they have a really good chance of doing well at this year’s competition on the strength of this song. Now, you may remember that last year singer Valentina Monetta performed the “Social Network Song” which was a complete disaster. This year, she’s back but I think it’s actually a different person. This Valentina Monetta can actually SING! Her song “Crisalide” or “Chrysilis” is interesting because the song is comparable to the changing of a caterpillar into a butterfly. The song starts out quiet and more like a ballad and finishes with a big flourish and I really quite like this. I reckon it will do well in the semi and even in the final aswell, well done San Marino for taking it seriously this year.


fyrmacedoniaSecondly today is Macedonia who have not got a good record at Eurovision although their effort last year finished 13th in the final and its a track that I actually still listen to. Their entry this year is performed by a duo, Esma and Lozano and the song is called “Pred Da Se Razdeni“. The male vocal does remind me of something but I cannot put my finger on it, but there is also the traditional side to the song over the top of some 90s dance beat which for me just didn’t work. What I do like is the fact that we see yet another native language song rather than English. Nice attempt, but I don’t think this will do anywhere near as well as last year.


azerbaijanOur third song today is from previous winners of the Eurovision Song Contest, Azerbaijan. They seem to have a thing for ballads. Farid Mammadov’sHold Me” is pretty similar in style to their 2011 winning effort and they obviously think that this is a winning formula. Personally, I think the trend is shifting towards dance numbers and the more “traditional” Eurovision sounding song. He does a good performance of the track, but it’s nothing Earth shattering and again, nothing we haven’t seen before. the obligatory key change won’t see this one winning the final, but it should be enough to get it into the final itself. I’m not a fan of this one I’m afraid and can’t mark it very well on the grounds that it’s just not a track I will keep listening to after the contest is all over.


finlandThe last one today takes us back to Western Europe and another previous winner, Finland. Oh Lordi where do we begin on this one? This is simply AWFUL! The line “I’m your slave and you’re my master” which then leads on to the chorus of “Marry Me” (which is the title of the song) is wrong on so many levels for me. So what Krista Siegfrids is saying is that if the guy will marry her, she’ll be his slave until the end of time. Not a good image to project is it? No? This is before even getting past 30 seconds of the song (forgive me, I couldn’t bear it any longer than that) is a NON qualifier and also a song that get a zero mark from me. Finland have really dropped the ball this year and I reckon it could be the wooden spoon winner in semi final two in 2013.


Stay tuned for more entrants in a few days. =)