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a-z badge

When I signed up for the A-Z this year (being the second time I have participated), I was determined that I would be much more organised than I had been in my first year. I managed to do that this year and once I had decided on my chosen theme, writing the posts was actually relatively easy.

The subject matter was the hardest part for me to decide upon for this year’s challenge. Being the geek that I am, I knew it had to be something pretty nerdy and I finally came up with Modes of Transport in TV & Film. From the comments that have been left on my blog entries throughout this year’s challenge, I feel that I accomplished what I had sought out to do and have revisited some great shows and films, and indeed reminded a lot of people of some excellent memories from their childhood.

There were a few letters that I did struggle with for a short time, namely – Y & Z, but other than that, I think I covered pretty much every form of transport you can think of, and perhaps a few that were unexpected. I’d like to thanks everyone who visited my blog and posted comments, and for those of you that I didn’t get to visit, I hope to at some point in the future. Most of all though, I would like to thank once again the organisers of this great blog tour and I hope to participate again next year. Hopefully with something equally as fun as this year’s theme. I now officially announce that I am an A-Z April Challenge 2013 SURVIVOR! and here’s the badge to prove it! =)