With two weeks until the contest, I shall bring you some more of the entrants; a couple from the end of the first semi final and then moving into the second semi final. First up today – Cyprus.

cyprusThis is a cross between Dina Carroll and Celine Dion. What an utterly dull and boring song. I have no doubt that many people will love this, and although Greece probably hate each other really, they’ll still give 12 points to each other. The song “An Me Thimase” performed by Despina Olympiou plods along at one pace, doesn’t even give us the obligatory key change and just does nothing to excite the listener. I cannot see this one qualifying. Lets move on shall we?


belgiumOff to Belgium we go and Roberto Bellarosa’sLove Kills“. The song itself is very listenable and is far better than a lot on offer at this year’s contest. This Bruno Mars-esque track sounds great from the studio, however, and this is a big one here…I have heard him perform it live and he is terrible. Unless he has improved a LOT over the last couple of months and he nails it on the night, if he hasn’t he’ll blow it. If he does a decent enough job then it should qualify for the final.


Our third song today is the entrant from Serbia. “Ljubav Je Svuda” perfromed by Moje 3 has a classic Eurovision sound. I don’t care for the song much though and I have a feeling that this one will miss out this year. Some nice eye candy though. I’m guessing that Moje 3 are the Serbian version of Girls Aloud or similar group. It’s interesting that we see yet another entrant singing in their own language. I’d like to see a return to this for ALL entrants, but I think the natural trend is heading that way, albeit slowly.


latviaLastly today, I’ll head into the second semi final and to kick us off there will be Latvia. My wife and I usually have a soft spot for Latvian entries since way back when “My Star” in 2000 was their first entry into Eurovision. This year though, PeR’sHere We Go” is an awful effort and I do not think it will qualify for the final. It doesn’t deserve to either. The act is poor, the wavy arms were annoying and the sparkly suits even more so. This gets a poor mark from me, in fact, no mark at all. Sorry Latvia, but you have disappointed me this year.


More soon as we get going on semi final two in more depth.