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lithuaniaFirst up tonight is the entry from Lithuania. This song performed by Andrius Pojavis is called “Something” and reminds me a lot of Kati Wolf’s effort from two years ago, particularly in the chorus. Lithuania are aiming to make it three qualifications in a row for the grand final and after finishing 19th and 14th respectively the last two years, their performance is certainly improving. Whether 2013 will be a better year still for them? I’m not so sure, this one is certainly listenable as opposed to some others I have heard, and it might grab a latter place in the first semi final, I don’t think its any better than the last two years and I think that if they do qualify, they’ll be lucky to bag a respectable haul of points.


moldovaNext on my hitlist today is Moldova. For those of you who read my Eurovision blog in 2011, I had an obsession with all the female ballad songs sounding like Dina Carroll. Guess what folks, she’s BACK. Aliona Moon belts out this number called “O Mie“. I don’t like it. There is little in excitement in this track for me, it just another run of the mill female vocalist standing there for three minutes doing little else but going through the motions. OK, so there is some nice vision work on the dress using video, but other than that, this isn’t a qualifier this year, sorry Moldova but I don’t think you’re heading to the final this year. And also, what is with the ice cream hairdo?!! You need to bring back the dudes with pointy hats đŸ˜‰


imagesThirdly today we travel to Ireland. The twins that are known as Jedward are not involved this year. My wife was rather upset at this, she liked that they had found their niche and I have to admit,k they did bring a bit of Eurovision spirit back to the contest. This year, the Emerald Isle have gone down the X-Factor route and have basically decided on the best looking, most reasonably capable at singing and dancing young male act that was available to them. Ryan Dolan sings “Only Love Survives“. A bit of Irish drum noise here, but other than that it could have been the latest release from JLS. It’s just a dance track that you could here in any club on a Saturday night. Repetitive and not going to qualify. Just not a Eurovision song I’m afraid, and it only reached number 42 on Ireland’s chart, not a good sign.


More Eurovision entries in a couple of days. Remember to check out my other blog entries using the drop down Eurovision menu at the top of the page. Thanks for reading.