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And so…the end has arrived. To finish off this very enjoyable A-Z Challenge I could actually only think of one vehicle and they were the ones that lent their name to the title of the TV show they starred in,
Z Cars.

The show ran from 1962 until 1978, a pretty impressive run back then. In actual fact, the “Z” in the show’s title had nothing to do with the actual cars themselves, it was a fictional call sign that the mobile police units used to identify themselves. The show was also the first one that was set in the North of England as opposed to the normal London police shows where all the good guys spoke in a posh, terribly English accent and all the cons were Cockneys, lol.


Some of the brightest British acting talent of the time was also on display here including the wonderful Brian Blessed, long before those immortal words uttered in Flash Gordon. The show also had many spin offs and side projects, but Z Cars remains one of Britain’s favourite cop shows ever made and was placed number 63 in a top 100 list of Britain’s Best TV Shows as voted for in the year 2000.


The show used two types of car during its run, the Ford Zephyr and Ford Zodiac although in real life the Zodiac was never actually used by the police force. Pictured above is one of the classic Zephyrs.

And there you have it folks, my Mode of Transportation A-Z Challenge for April 2013 is now complete. You can find a complete list of my blog posts HERE and I hope that you enjoy reading them as much as I have had writing them. I guess I’ll have to pull out all the stop for next year’s challenge.