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Only 3 to go folks. Today I shall return to the Star Wars universe and one of the most original of movie spaceships, the X-Wing Fighter. We first saw the X Wing in Star Wars IV – A New Hope when at the end of the movie, the Rebel Alliance attempt to destroy the Death Star. The ship is so-called because of its distinctive X shape when the wings are open in “attack mode”. They normally travel with the wings closed.


I always really liked this craft, and it certainly influenced a number of film spacecraft in movies – The Last Starfighter being one that immediately comes to mind, but I think even the likes of Battlestar Galactica took some elements of their Vipers from the X Wings.

I think that most people know all about the X Wing and if you haven’t, really, where have you been for the last 35 years? My last two entries will be extraordinarily difficult to accomplish, but stay tuned. Meanwhile, here is the original ad for the X Wing toy, this was a much more innocent time…