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The letter “U” immediately makes me think “underwater” and the only form of transport that goes underwater is the submarine, or U-Boat. Now, there have been numerous movies made featuring U-Boats, right from the old 1950s and 60s war movies that retold some of the greatest stories of the second world war, but today I shall focus on a few from more recent times.

First, The Hunt For Red October. This story, which was actually the first Jack Ryan movie (but did not feature Harrison Ford in the role) also stared Sean Connery doing a particularly Scottish Russian accent for some strange reason. I have a feeling that long ago, Hollywood gave up trying to ask Mr Connery to do other accents and said “just do your own accent Sean, it’ll be fine because its you” and oddly enough, no-one seems to care that he can’t do accents, lol. I particularly like this movie for all its twists and turns.


Nuclear Submarine

Secondly, one of the first movie that I saw that was in a foreign language. Das Boot, starred Jurgen Prochnow who I has previously seen in the classic science fiction movie Dune. The story is hugely engaging and although tragic, its content still manages to be lampooned by Eddie Izzard in his Definite Article concert where he compares the strength of the skin of an orange to the U-Boat in Das Boot, very funny. The film is worth watching at least once in your lifetime though, go check it out if you like foreign films.


Don’t Let Zem Get Into Ze Orange…

Finally, I’ll mention K-19. The Widowmaker was a submarine movie starring Harrison Ford as a U-Boar Captain whos vessel encounters a nuclear reactor malfunction and its up to the crew to sort out its internal problems and overcome the greater threat to themselves, their vessel and also ease tensions between the Russians and the Americans who are watching with great interest what is going on regarding this U-Boat.

Strangely, submarine movies haven’t tended to do well at the box office. Personally, I think the only one I haven’t really enjoyed was U-571 which completely change the plot of the story to suit Hollywood and the average thick movie goer who knows nothing about the Enigma Machine or who actually recovered it. Anyway, that is for another discussion. Here is the K-19 submarine.


The Widowmaker

So there you have a small selection of U-Boats. There are literally hundreds I could have chosen from and notable mentions go to the movie Crimson Tide and also the Lotus Esprit in the Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me.