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There could only be one entry for my “T” mode of transportation, and that is the T.A.R.D.I.S which of course stands for Time and Relative Dimension in Space. Doctor Who was always one of my favourite programs growing up and although it was quite scary (not so much now due to the massive change in attitude and children’s upbringing these days) but back in my day, the zip up suits and bad prosthetic makeup used to make kids hide behind the sofa on many a night.

Everyone who watched the show as a kid had a Doctor. Mine was Tom Baker. Personally I think he’s the best one we have had, he seemed to get the blend of hammy and science fiction just right. I did like John Pertwee aswell, but because it was the 70s, the constant synthesiser noise in every episode was highly annoying. The stories were still great though. Anyway, back to the TARDIS. A police phone box (aha I hear you cry, not the first phone booth I’ve written about this A-Z). I think this has to be one of the most original ideas for a mode of transportation in TV history. Who would ever suspect that a telephone box that is specifically for phoning the police could ever be a spaceship (or indeed time machine).



The amazing thing about the TARDIS was that when anyone stepped inside the box, it suddenly opened out into an expanse of size; again a hugely original idea. There is of course the highly distinctive noise the TARDIS makes when leaving and arriving, I cannot describe it in words, so I’ll leave that for the video to demonstrate, but anyone who hears it instantly knows what show they’re watching. There have been many incarnations of the TARDIS, all of varying size inside, but because the Doctor himself was ever-changing, the show could get away with these continuity differences and it all added to the charm I think.

Finally there is the music. An amazing theme tune written by Ron Grainer, it was one of the first electronic theme tunes written for a TV show and it remains a favourite of millions of people to this day. The TARDIS will ever be regarded as one of the most famous modes of transport in TV history and I hope that my son will be able to enjoy the show at some point in his life as much as I did when I was young and impressionable. Here is a tribute to the TARDIS.