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Well as the title of today’s post would suggest, we are travelling back into space today in a ship that has a huge cult following despite only being on the air for a mere 14 episodes. Creator Joss Whedon did get a movie out of it in the end, but since then there has been nothing forthcoming. I am talking about the spaceship Serenity from the show Firefly.

There is a massive cult following surrounding this spaceship which is something like a between a bug and a horse. It’s certainly not the best looking crate in amongst the stars, but it does the job. Piloted by Hoban “Wash” Washbourne who knows her better than anyone, its pretty much just a smuggler’s ship. I guess the nearest comparison is a cross between the Millennium Falcon and the General Lee, but in space.



After the show’s cancellation, there was a huge outcry and calls for it to be re-instated. The crew would fly together once again in the movie Serenity, but as for resurrecting the show? there have been graphic novels but I think a return to the small or in deed the big screen is a none starter at this moment in time. There have been numerous references to Firefly and Serenity through Nathan Fillion’s current role in the TV show Castle which I really like aswell. He just doesn’t want to let it go just yet and I’m happy with that. Here is the trailer for Serenity, and although I’m not a fanatic about the show, I did enjoy watching it and would recommend it to sci-fi fans.