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In a departure from an actual vehicle like I have been posting about in this enjoyable A-Z Challenge, the letter “R” also had me thinking for some time. I do have a notable mention at the end of this post, but the main body today is concerned with the feet. Running is used in TV & Movies possibly to the same extent as cars are and I had to find some examples where it’s used as the primary mode of transportation in a scene.

Of course, for me the most obvious example is the film The Running Man starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as an escaped prisoner who is forced to take part in a deadly game show aptly named The Running Man. The contestants have to run from their start point and try to negotiate the gameworld without being killed by the gladiators who roam inside the game. Adapted from the novel by Stephen King this was released at the height of Arnie’s popularity and I have since seen it again. Unfortunately it has dated since 1987 and its pretty cheesy now, but some movies just do. I suppose we have it to thank for the inspiration in a lot of ways for The Hunger Games series of books and upcoming films.


My second example of running in films is the end sequence to the hugely popular (and very close to my own heart) movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I am talking about when he is almost knocked over by his sister in the road who is driving her mother home after a trip to the police station. The race is on and whoever makes it back first will undoubtedly win the day and the personal victory over the other. There is little else to say about it really, so here is that scene…

Notable mention – The Ruby Slippers from the film The Wizard of Oz (hopefully no copyright is infringed here by writing the words)


And as I write this post, I kid you not – “Run For Home” by the band Lindisfarne is on the radio. How freaky is THAT?! Happy A-Zing, not many more to go now =)