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Continuing on with my A-Z Challenge now and after the journey into Middle Earth last time out, it’s time for well…some time travel. In 1989, two relatively unknown actors would be suddenly thrust into the limelight of Hollywood’s big time. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves would star in the Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a teen movie where two useless high school students would travel back in time to talk to and kidnap some of history’s most famous people in order to complete a report and complete school for the year. Their mode of transportation? A Phone Booth.

OK, so we have seen a phone box used before (hint for a later post 😉  but in this case it wasn’t theirs to begin with. The booth is sent to them by some guy in the future called Rufus (played by the excellent – pun intended – George Carlin) who tells them that in his future, Bill & Ted’s way of life is now considered the norm and that in order for it to be so, they have to pass school and generally just be cool guys and not conform to what other people try to dictate to them that their lives should be.


It is amazing how many people they can actually fit into that small phone booth, but they manage it somehow. A sequel to the movie followed and ever since, there has been rumour upon rumour about a third movie. It now seems that it will actually happen and both Winter and Reeves liked the last version of a script although MGM has yet to give the project the actual green light. Personally I would like to see a new movie and both soundtracks to the two already available are EXCELLENT! (air guitar moment!) Here is a clip of one of my favourite moments from the first movie. Strange things indeed….