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“O”. This is one I actually struggled to find a link to TV & movies. However, after a lot of thinking about it, inspiration finally came to me whilst watch The Lord of the Rings with my son one day.

JRR Tolkien like, I’m sure many other have done for centuries, used things around him to influence their work. One such example of this is in The Lord of the Rings.  Frodo’s faithful companion Sam is cooking breakfast one morning while they are on their journey when they are disturbed by men marching past the area where they are resting. Among them are creatures that are as “big as a house or a moving hill”. They are called Oliphaunts.


Oliphaunts Attacking

These mighty beasts are used in the Battle of Pelennor Fields to carry men who are fighting on the side of Mordor. On their backs they carry a huge seat and tower contraption that includes a pilot and archers, but they can also use their immense size and weight to simply crush their foes. The huge tusks are used to sweep their victims out of their path and to their deaths. However, they are quite clumsy animals and Legolas manages to take one down by himself – but then, this IS Legolas we’re talking about 😉 Here they are in action.