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I’m glad you are all enjoying my theme for this year’s A-Z Challenge. Thank you for your comments so far and keep them coming. I am visiting as many blogs as I can and have bookmarked a few also.

Just a short one today as there isn’t really much to say about this mode of transport, but in the 1979 film Alien, the crew is on board the ship “Nostromo“. Its use as a towing ship for the likes of huge oil refineries such as the one seen in the movie. It is also the ship that lands on the surface of the planet to investigate the Alien ship where all the trouble begins.



Fortunately for me, I can link another “N” with today’s post, the escape shuttle in which Ripley escapes at the end of the movie Alien and is subsequently discovered in at the start of Aliens is named “Narcissus“. A much much smaller ship but with enough life support to sustain anyone for many years.



I will leave you today with one other notable mention. From the Jules Verne novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea is Captain Nemo’s underwater marvel “The Nautilus“. Its distinctive fish-like shape gave it perfect control beneath the waves and even a giant squid mistook it for food at one point.



Apparently there are plans afoot to remake this classic movie, but nothing has really been heard about it since 2010’s Comic-Con with David Fincher directing. Information on it since then is practically non-existent. Who knows, it may happen yet.