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“M” brings us to possibly one of the most famous spaceship in cinematic history. I think this one has even footing with the Starship Enterprise personally. In planning for this year’s A-Z Challenge, it was also the first Mode Of Transportation in TV & Film that I wrote down on the piece of paper… I give you, The Millennium Falcon!

It is of course commanded by the great Han Solo and his friend Chewbacca and is basically a smuggler’s craft. SOlo has done what would appear to be very unscrupulous work fro Jabba The Hutt using this craft and although quite old, it is maintained pretty well by Chewbacca, although thee appear to be some problems with the hyperdrive from time to time…


The Millennium Falcon

Now, Luke Skywalker calls it a “piece of junk” and Han himself replies “she may not look like much”. Are they mad? This must be one of the coolest looking spaceships ever invented! Look at it, its sleek, fast, maneuverable and generally looks like a spaceship should look like without being all pointy and sharp to give it the look of speed. I remember seeing this for the first time on-screen and just thinking “wow..thats cool” and then spending forever trying to make one out of Lego. Of course, now you can get actual Lego kits of them, but when you had nothing but 8×2 and 2×2 bricks, it was a little more difficult, lol. Fun all the same.

As for the hyperdrive? Well that does eventually get taken care of by R2-D2 lending his expertise in talking to computers, but like having a dodgy gear on your car, it’s a constant axe to grind by it owners and occupants alike throughout the series of films. The ship is also one of the stars of the franchise and in fact it’s because of the Millennium Falcon that the original Death Star is destroyed in the first place. If Han hadn’t come back with it and hit Darth Vader’s fighter ship, Luke would have been destroyed and that would have been that. I think the Millennium Falcon should get more credit for it role in “bringing balance to the force” as they put it.