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We are almost at the halfway point now and to take us there is our first featured trip on a mode of transportation using two wheels. Well I say “wheels”, they are more like discs of light that look like wheels.

In 1982, Disney made a film that was literally light years ahead of its time and heavily featured in the movie Tron are the “Light Bikes“. Now like my previous entry, I was 8 years old and everything that moved and looked good was cool to like and this one blew me away to be honest. The graphics were amazing and please do remember that it was only one year after the Sinclair ZX81 was released as a home computer (go look it up folks, you’ll see what I mean). The original light bikes could only turn at 90 degree angles and the aim of the game was to make your opponent crash into the light trail that followed your bike to destroy them. Here is what they looked like.


1982 Light Cycle from Tron

Now, I remember hoping for years that Tron would get a sequel and the producers would make me wait 30 YEARS before my wish came true. A wish that I’m glad I made, because the follow-up – Tron Legacy – was quite simply worth the wait. I went to see it in an IMAX cinema in Glasgow, a two-hour drive from where I live and the trip was a Christmas present between my wife and I. Of course, this was now in 3D and the special effects have certainly moved on somewhat in 30 years. The new light cycle was one of the things that would be under scrutiny by fans and critics and I don’t think anyone was disappointed.


Tron Legacy Light Cycle

The main difference between the old and the new was that these new bikes could now corner like a regular bike and not just in straight lines. I suppose this is a logical progression after the time that has passed, but in terms of technology, the act of jumping into the air with a stick that then turns into a bike, was brilliant. Of course the new film added to the kinds of vehicles used by the characters, and here is a clip from both films to show off the light cycles in their full glory. Great in super slow motion I think πŸ˜‰