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As my title suggests, this is a speed at which these blog posts are whizzing past at, “J” already! I’m delving into the realms of science fiction and perhaps theoretical fact if some would believe it, but lets talk about “Jump Drives“.

A jump drive is a device which allows a spacecraft or indeed a person to instantaneously move from one point to another and I will now give you some examples of where in TV & Film they have used. Be warned though, a jump drive should not ever be confused with a Warp Drive, although the principles are similar, a warp drive does not allow the travel to be instant, it merely speeds up the journey to a huge degree while negating the time dilation effect within the vessel itself. I know, I know, all very technical and geeky, but you can always move along and read a poem about a fluffy bunny called “Joe” or something, lol (I’m sure someone has written one in this A-Z Challenge somewhere šŸ˜‰

In the film Stargate and subsequent TV shows a gate was used to jump persons or items from one place to another. This had limitations as you could only jump to another point which had a gate at the other end so there were a finite number of possibilities of new location yes? Here is the original Stargate from the movie, which was awesome by the way, begging for a 3D conversion this one – hint hint Hollywood!



Secondly there are the FTL (Faster Than Light) Drives that are used in the science fiction show Battlestar Galactica. These allow the ships to “jump” from one point in space to another instantly. These were much more flexible than a Stargate because you could actually plot the coordinates in space where you wanted to end up. Of course, a computer can only plot so far before entering the unknown so a jump beyond that point could see you ending up stuck anywhere or in the middle of a planet or anywhere, not recommended…


A Typical Jump Drive Core

Babylon 5 (I loved that show), utilised Jump Gates. Similar to the Stargate here in that the points were fixed and you could only go from one end to the other, but much faster. I do find it interesting that blue appears to be the colour most associated with jump technology. Here is the jump gate from that TV show.


Babylon 5’s Jump Gate

So there you are, a trip into science fiction today, we’ll be back into “reality” tomorrow with a four-wheeled variety of transportation, but can you guess which it is going to be? Please re-visit and comment, support the Challenge =)