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A bit of a change of tact now and certainly a mindbender for you all. With the letter “I” comes a different kind of vehicle, one that travels into people’s subconscious. When I saw the trailer for the film that this idea comes from I thought it was an interesting concept and the film was certainly very good once I’d actually figured out what was going on, and it took a while to get my head round it.

Inception” is a curious method of infiltrating people’s minds by extracting information while they dream. The dream state is administered by sending the target to sleep and then immersing yourself into the subconscious by creating dreams within dreams to confuse the target sufficiently enough that information is gleaned, then the agents can get out of the dream state. In the film’s case, the agents are sent into the mind of a power company heir to actually implant an idea in his head, so basically the other way around, but the confusion principle is the same.


The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine is the apparatus used to get the tiered dream starts going and dreamers can only awaken from the dream by a “kick”, so either falling, or dying within the dream. If you haven’t seen the movie, its worth seeing as it is very clever, but like I said, very confusing until you actually figure out how it works and it does take a while, but it’s extremely clever at the same time. I suppose you can liken it to The Matrix in a lot of ways, but whereas that was computer controlled and only one level of fakery, Inception is much more advanced and takes you into multiple tiers of “reality”. The movie won 4 Oscars by the way. More tomorrow with the letter “J” =) Meanwhile, here is the trailer for Inception.