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a-z badgeWelcome along to the first post in this year’s A-z Blogging Challenge for April 2013. A slight change of theme this year as I sit down with you all and discuss Modes Of Transportation In Television & Film. Now this can be anything from a car or spaceship to the likes of jumping through time and space via wormholes or even a phone booth! I hope you will enjoy reading my posts and feel free to comment on them with your memories and likes about each one, I know I have many fond memories about some of these vehicles and phenomena.

“A” is for Airwolf…oh and Aston Martin πŸ˜‰
Right from the very first keyboard sounds, you instantly know which theme tune it is. It was one of my favourite TV shows growing up as a kid and I had many a playtime (recess for my American friends) pretending to be the pilot of Airwolf, the super helicopter that fought crime wherever it encountered it.


Now I don’t care what anyone says, but when you’re a 10-year-old boy, this thing was COOL. A Bell 222, the helicopter was eventually sold on after the show ended and used as an air ambulance in Germany until its untimely demise in a thunderstorm in 1992, but it’s nice to know that its legacy of saving fictional lives carried on into the real world with saving real lives after I had all grown up and I guess playing pretend pilot wasn’t so cool anymore. The other thing that made this mode of transportation one of my favourites was the theme music. That howling sound of the rotorsΒ  get the adrenalin going and you know that there is just going to be an awesome helicopter chase in today’s episode at some point. The show also starred one of the greats, Ernest Borgnine, who sadly passed away last year, but I think the fact that the show and the helicopter are so fondly remembered is a nice testament to his memory. Here is the show’s intro sequence.

Now if I was to say to you the words Aston Martin, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Of course, James Bond. This mode of transport for the most famous spy in literary and film history is one of the greats. The Aston Martin DB5 was the first to be used and driven by Sean Connery as Bond, was heavily featured in the movie Goldfinger. In all the DB5 has been used in six movies, but there have been other Aston Martins used in other Bond films over the years. The DBS in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, the V8 Vantage Volante in The Living Daylights, also a Vanquish v12 and a DBS V12. The most loved is of course the DB5…


The car itself was only produced for two years and just over a 1000 were made. It’s hard to believe that the car that was used in Goldfinger, and indeed Thunderball, was sold not so very long ago for a whopping Β£2,600,000! Wow! Such is the pop culture that surrounds this beautiful car. A true great in automobile history and will be remembered long after I leave this Earth I know that for sure. Here is a small montage in tribute to the Aston Martin DB5.

I hope you have enjoyed this first of 26 blog posts and I look forward to reading your comments and visiting your blogs during this 2013 A-Z Blogging Challenge =)