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Lets have a few more Eurovision participants shall we? So we’ve heard from our very own Bonnie Tyler who is representing the UK this year and we’ve also talked about the host nation. I’ll pick a few more off the list for you today.

belarusBelarus have gone all out pop/dance this year and I think this one is very similar in style to last year’s effort from RomaniaMandinga.” This is however a little better and has a Madonna/Lady Gaga type sound to it. I personally think this is one of the “okay” ones and its a borderline qualifier. If it does get through, its a mid-low table finisher at best. Here is Alyona Lanskaya performing “Rhythm Of Love“.


ukraineNext up tonight is Ukraine. I think this was the first song of this year’s contest that I heard and despite the very dodgy backing vocals, I really liked it so that could be forgiven. Zlata Ognevich’s voice is phenomenal and if you go and check out some of her other work you’ll see what I mean. The song “Gravity” does start out sounding a little like an ad for a popular cola drinks brand, but it quickly becomes its own thing. The change of beat works really well for me and although the end is a but sudden and hurried, the song is great. HOWEVER!! This is a live version. The studio version is not even in the same ball park as this variation. Its all wrong. I really hope they go for the arrangement they used in the Ukraine final because if they don’t, they have ruined a potential winner by stifling her voice, bringing the beat in too early and the end is worse. I’ll let you here what I hope to hear in Sweden. I have to mark this one down from 4 stars to 3 stars now after hearing the studio version 😦


germanyFinally today, one of the “Big 5”. Remember this? It was a number 1 single here in the UK! Well Cascada is representing Germany at this year’s Eurovision. (they are actually a German act – you didn’t know that when you heard that track on the radio did you?) The song “Glorious” is an all out Europop dance tune, even moreso than last year’s winner from Loreen was. I don’t like this at all. I really cannot see this winning, but you never know where the votes are coming from but the chart success of this has been pretty non-existant outside of Germany so I can’t tip this to do that well. Not one for me I’m afraid.