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Time for another Eurovision update with some riders and runners folks. Last week saw the choosing of our very own UK entry and also the host nation Sweden. Lets have a look at those track and one other for an extra bonus =) With only a handful of songs to be chosen, it will only be 6 weeks until the whole things kicks off so I better get straight on with these posts 😉

unitedkingdomI was convinced that it was former X Factor contestant Diana Vickers who was going to be chosen for our entry this year, How wrong could I have been? 61 year old Bonnie Tyler will be having a go at winning the wooden spoon for the most hated country in Europe this year and her track “Believe In Me” fill me with confidence that we won’t have to spend a fortune hosting next year’s contest. Its another ballad that sounds like a mixture of The Verve and Shania Twain. Tyler of course had big success in the 80s with Total Eclipse of the Heart, but I think that most of the other songs will be eclipsing the UK in this year’s contest. Its a pleasant enough song, but pretty dull and doesn’t go anywhere. I wonder if Bonnie can stay sober long enough to perform it…


swedenOK, time for the host nation, Sweden. After much deliberation (as always in Sweden, Eurovision is very popular) the song “You” performed by Robin Stjernberg has been chosen to follow up “Euphoria” by Loreen and attempt to make it back to back wins for the Scandanavians. As a song, its pretty catchy and he does have a very good voice. However, and this is a biggy – there is SO much potential for this to go horribly wrong for him on the night. Lots of high notes, long notes and much breath and strength required means that there could be some squeaky throat singing or much out of tuneness during this track. I’ll let you decide, it qualifies as host and I think will get the Scandanavian vote, but not all of it. Here is his winning performance from just the other night.

thenetherlandsThe last one tonight is from The Netherlands. This has a very traditional sound to it, particularly for Eurovision. Personally I hate this. I will be very surprised if it qualifies despite having one of the biggest Dutch singers at the helm. I think this is what it would feel like if the UK were to have Adele singing our entry. This is even more dull than our own UK entry. Holland clearly don’t ever want to win the contest ever again, their record is dreadful in recent times and there are far more enjoyable tracks in the semi finals this year that will easily beat this. Good voice, but its not for a modern Eurovision audience I feel. Anouk sings “Birds“.

More later in the week =)