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OK, so we are nearly at the end of February and a lot of songs have now been picked for the contest. I have to say that there are some decent tracks amongst the confirmed entrants so far and I have my favourites. There is also some terrible music in there as well, but you would expect your fair share of rubbish. The good thing is that they usually get weeded out before the Grand Final….USUALLY 😉 So how am I going to give you all this information this year, well lets start with a list of the countries participating this year shall we?

Albania, Croatia, Armenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, San Marino, Slovenia, Sweden, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Israel, Norway, Denmark.

From what I have seen this year so far, it appears that there is quite a lot of dance types numbers and the old guard of Turkish/Greek sounding songs has finally disappeared. There also appears to be more big name acts taking part from other countries such as Anouk from The Netherlands and Margaret Berger from Norway, who are successful in their own right outside of Eurovision. And so…on with the music =)



The first entrant I shall give you is from Austria. Natalia Kelly is an Austrian born to US and Brazilian parents and her song Shine is a very listenable track. Her voice reminds me a lot of Emelie Sande in its style and I think this might have a good shot in the first semi final. The key change is a bit dodgy and it might have been better to keep it out of the song but it’s a popular trick for impact at Eurovision and we will get our share of them before I’m through introducing the acts. I like this track and I give it a decent mark.


Next up today is Denmark. A neighbour of course of the hosts this year Sweden and Emmelie de Forest’s track “Only Teardrops” has been touted as an early favourite to win the competition. It has already gone to No. 2 in the Danish charts and I reckon this has a huge chance this year. She needs to put in a very good performance on the nights though and the deciding factor will be the opening lines of the song. If she can get past those without too many problems then this is a top 3 contender for sure. I’ve already heard it mashed up with other stuff and even as a stand alone track, its a good song, It doesn’t have a massive impact on me immediately like some others do, but I’ll give it a good score, its a grower I think.


So that’s two of our entries to showcase today, there will be more as the days and weeks pass with my thoughts on each. I will then preview the semi finals in turn and make my predictions for each. I hope you enjoy reading my blog, and who knows, maybe you’ll find some European music that you would like to get more of. I have found quite a few good singers and bands through watching Eurovision. Give it a chance and it may just surprise you.