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Synopsis: A young couple begins to experience strange goings on in their new house, but is Ben not telling the whole story?

Main Cast: Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Rick Gomez, Julianna Guill

The Hype: Not much here, released at the end of summer last year, I only just got around to getting this one-off my drive. A commercial flop by all accounts and I can see why.

What I Thought: Pretty crap to be honest. The Apparition is yet another run of the mill tame ass horror movie that has a PG-13 rating, so you know it’s not going to be scary. Couple that with the fact that you have Ashley Greene starring, yes she was in the Twilight movies…urgh…and you pretty much have all that is going on here. Tom Felton makes an appearance in a movie that has nothing to do with Harry Potter and although he does a reasonable job of being someone else, he will always just be Draco Malfoy; sorry Tom, but you won’t ever shake it, no matter how hard you try to do other styles of movies.

Conclusions: Not scary, nothing much happens and the movie poster gives the ending away, REALLY clever that eh? Move along people, nothing to see here. What else can I say, it’s a nothing movie where nothing happens, leaving me with nothing to write afterwards. Hence, it gets a….

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 1stars