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Is it that time of year already? Well not quite, but in accordance to my pledge to myself and you dear readers that I would be much more organised this year with regards to my blog posts, I am starting early on this year’s Eurovision Blog series. I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to hear your comments which you can leave at the bottom of the page, via my Facebook Page or my Twitter account.

So last year saw Sweden winning the contest with Loreen’s song “Euphoria“. It wasn’t my favourite song by any means, but certainly listenable and although I didn’t think it was quite what Eurovision is all about for me, Loreen was certainly consistent throughout her performances and pre-competition sales of the song ensured its victory in my opinion. The bidding process for venues for the hosting of this year’s competition started from the night they won the contest and it was between 3 cities. Gothenburg, Stockholm and Malmo. In June of 2012 Gothenburg withdrew from the bidding phase and Stockholm’s Friend’s Arena was considered too large to hold the contest. It was confirmed on 8th July 2012 that the Malmo Arena with a capacity of 15,500 would stage the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.

In these times of austerity, Sweden are scaling down the competition somewhat with the much smaller venue, they have already confirmed that there will only be one compere, and using the theory that small matters can start powerful and big movements, or “The Butterfly Effect”, this is the theme for the logo this year – a butterfly. They have coupled this to recognise that Eurovision is a competition that brings many nations together in a show of diversity and togetherness and “We Are One” is the slogan being used this year. Here is the 2013 logo.


Visually impressive I think. As for the participants this year? The number will also be smaller, although only by a few. Andorra, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are not returning this year, mainly due to financial constraints. The biggest shock for me were the withdrawals of Bosnia and Turkey this year. Both countries have had good showings in the contest in recent years and in the case of Turkey, they cited the re-introduction of the jury/televoting system as one of their reasons for leaving the contest. Armenia return to the contest after a one year break.

The total number of countries participating this year in the semi finals will be 30, plus the “Big 5” for a total of 35 so already a smaller affair. The Semi Final running orders have already been picked and I shall be posting blogs on the artists and songs when a few more have been decided upon. As I write this, SIX songs and artist combinations have been finalised with most of the rest coming in mid to late February so please check back to see the entrants and my thoughts and comments on them. I may even have a few personal favourites.

The first semi final will be held on 14th May 2013 and the second to days later on the 16th. The final itself is held on Saturday 18th May. I hope this has helped sweep the cobwebs from your Eurovision scorecards and I look forward to bring you more posts soon. Thanks for reading =)