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There is always one film at the Oscars that really comes out and surprises me. This year is no exception and from out of the left field comes an adapted screenplay by David O.Russell from the novel by Matthew Quick. Silver Linings Playbook is that kind of film that I usually don’t go in for, the romantic comedy type thing. However, I saw the trailer and something about it just made me want to see the film. Perhaps its my critical eye coming into play because no sooner had I decided to see it that it started getting a lot of award nominations.


Synopsis: Pat leaves a mental institution after a short stay for “an incident” involving his wife Nikki. He is hell-bent on trying to win her back and a chance meeting with girl called Tiffany sets into motion a set of events that will have an astounding effect on them both. Tiffany however, has her own problems to deal with.

Main Cast: Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro, Jacki Weaver, Chris Tucker, Julia Stiles, Shea Whigham

The Hype: This has been a slow burner, but with so many nominations in recent awards including 8 at this year’s Oscars it is hard to look past this movie for some top success. It also joins a short list of movies in Oscar history to be nominated in all four of the big acting categories.

What I Thought: Very enjoyable indeed. What I expected from the trailer didn’t let me down in the full movie. The film is a romantic film but uses the subject of mental depression and issues to highlight how normal some of these people can be and that everyday things are just as important to them as they are to us. The relationship between all characters is one of understanding with the exception of the main two, who although suffer form similar problems, deal with them in completely different ways, but these differences bring them together in a quirky way.

The acting is superb here and the chemistry between Cooper and Lawrence is very believable and this is yet another genre of film she has tried her hand at and excelled in. There are a lot of strings to her bow and her nomination for Best Actress is completely warranted here. I thought the story was endearing, engaging and there are some really good funny dialogue moments in the film that seem completely inappropriate but fit the scenes perfectly. Robert De Niro and Jacki Weaver who play the parents of Pat and suffer his small but meaningful outbursts at the oddest times of the day are brilliant and also get nomination nods here.

Conclusions: Nice story, brilliantly acted and directed and I think its very worthy of all of its nominations. I do fear however that it will fall at the last hurdle, but it has definitely sneaked up on the rest of the field and deservedly so. I recommend this film and have to give it an excellent mark.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 4stars