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Hi there movie fans. As I did last year, I will be blogging a series on this year’s Oscar nominations and previewing some of the films that may or may not be up for Academy Awards this year.

There is a lot of speculation around about what may be the big hitters of the year, but for me, I think the honours are going to be battled out between Lincoln and Les Miserables. These two completely different styles of film have been widely touted for Oscar success and we shall know in a week’s time just what they are going to be fighting it out for.

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Last year I wrote a series of blogs on the movies that were up for Best Picture, and I shall do the same again this year. Remember, there can be anything between 5 and 10 films nominated. Last year it was pretty much a done deal with The Artist scooping the main award, but in 2013 I think there is much more competition and its hard to see a movie that will take the majority share of the statues. 2012 was a great year for movies of ALL genres and my own feeling is that this year’s awards will be spread around than is normally expected.

2012 was also a very good year for emerging talent. Despite a snub last year, Ryan Gosling has been a very busy boy recently, as has Bradley Cooper and I think that these are two actors vying for award success in the near future and Silver Linings Playbook features Cooper and either may get a nod this year.

So anyway, please check back to see my reviews on Oscar nominated films as I see them and I hope you will comment your thoughts. You can find this year’s and indeed last year’s Oscar series in the Movie Madness section of this blog at the top of your screens. Thanks for reading and roll on next week for the nominations.