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Synopsis: Clint Eastwood plays a baseball scout reaching the end of his career who is having some old age problems and so his daughter comes along for the ride to help him out. They have their own problems with each other which doesn’t make the trip any easier.

Main Cast: Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake, Robert Patrick, John Goodman, Bob Gunton, Matthew Lillard

The Hype: Although this movie has not been hugely criticised, the reception has been mixed. There wasn’t much of a buzz from trailers and I think most probably just took it as a poor man’s Moneyball without Brad Pitt. Film critics have been reasonable with their reviews and its been given pretty much half marks by everyone.

What I Thought: I liked it a little better than the “film critics”. Although this film is predictable in its outcome, the execution of the story is well performed and the relationships between the characters are nicely handled by this excellent cast. Justin Timberlake once again brings a very natural performance to the screen and the chemistry between his and Amy Adams’ character Mickey is unforced and easy to watch. This is a directorial debut from Robert Lorenz who has worked with Eastwood on a number of occasions, but never in complete control and he does a nice job of it. Eastwood himself delivers his usual gritty performance and as much as I liked the film, I don’t think it will be heading to the Oscars this year; we had the baseball nomination last year and I think sports films will be very quiet this year in terms of awards. Overall, I liked the film and I will give this a better than average mark as others have done.

Conclusions: Endearing story although predictable, nicely directed for a debut, solid performances from all concerned. I score it better than most.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 3.5stars