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Synopsis: Alex Cross is out to exact justice on a mad man hitman who has been hired to take out a wealthy businessman.

Main Cast: Matthew Fox, Tyler Perry, Edward Burns, Jean Reno, Rachel Nichols, John C McGinley, Cicely Tyson, Carmen Ejogo

The Hype: Based upon the James Patterson novels, Alex Cross has appeared on-screen before in Along Came a Spider and Kiss The Girls. This film is set much earlier of course as you don’t expect to see Morgan Freeman pulling all this shit. The character is a good one, but there wasn’t much a buzz around this movie.

What I Thought: Pretty boring actually. Alex Cross hasn’t joined the FBI yet and although you get glimpses of the very clever agent that Morgan Freeman plays later, this film is all about the action and the plot doesn’t engage or really have a point. Matthew Fox is good at being the bad guy though and I liked his character more than Alex Cross in all honesty. A no-nonsense bad guy that will do as he says he will when he monologues, lol. It would seem the cinema goers agree with me as this movie did not make back its budget and I don’t think we’ll be seeing Tyler Perry (I never heard of him until this film) playing Alex Cross any time soon. Freeman’s version of the character was a much more interesting watch and another of those films I would look forward to. This movie was just another paycheck for these guys. Not recommended, but if you REALLY have nothing better to do…knock yourself out.

Conclusions: Poor story, no real point to the movie and if you like the bad guy better than the hero, surely there’s something wrong there?

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 1smurf