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Synopsis: Judge Dredd assesses a rookie cop while they try to take down a ruthless drug dealing gang who have control of an entire tower block of residents of Mega City One.

Main Cast: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris, Warrick Grier, Rakie Ayola

The Hype: Its been a long time since Sly Stallone released his take on the hugely popular graphic novel character and this film was much-anticipated, particularly in 3D. The trailer looked good, some decent casting in the form of Karl Urban and action all the way.

What I Thought: Disappointing. For me, Dredd is basically The Raid with all the good bits taken out which are then replaced by some slow motion high-definition special effects, which look great, but get tired very quickly. The story was non-existent and there were a couple of elements about Dredd himself that just bugged me a little. 1. His helmet is ridiculous. I think he got it mixed up with the one belonging to The Mekon. It is oversized and looks like it should be in a spoof version of the film just like Lord Vader in Spaceballs. Secondly, his bike was crap looking, futuristic, yes, but crap to look at. On the plus side, his gun was pretty cool, but I have to wonder where all the bullets for each kind of weapon are kept…

Conclusions: Great idea to update it, but its execution was poor and the cons far outweighed the pros for the duration of the movie.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: 2smurfs