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Synopsis: A captured American soldier who happens to be a law student during World War II is made to defend a black Lieutenant accused of a fellow POW’s murder. Is this merely a charade or has sentence already been passed?

Main Cast: Bruce Willis, Colin Farrell, Terence Howard, Cole Hauser, Rory Cochrane, Marcel Iures, Sam Worthington

The Hype: This was a quieter period in Bruce Willis‘ career and this war effort didn’t do great shakes at the box office. It tried its best to entice the punters through the doors with big names like Willis and Farrell, but even they could not save this movie from a poor return for its $60M budget.

What I Thought: I liked this one. As a fan of courtroom drama and war films, this movie seemed like the perfect combination for me and its taken me 10 years to get around to it. OK, so it’s not A Few Good Men, but seldom films are, or will ever top that masterpiece. The big budget shows and its shot very nicely and with the same professionalism and accuracy as the likes of Saving Private Ryan with regard to the time setting. Willis and Farrell put in good performances and the rest of the cast compliment the two main stars very well. I also noticed a young Sam Worthington just making his way into movies. The plot is solid and I suppose you can liken it to a couple of other films from the past, but I won’t give anything away here.

Conclusions: Good lead performances, well made, decent plot and although it didn’t do well at the box office, I think it worth a look if you get a couple of hours spare one night.

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