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Synopsis: Based on the 70s TV show. After a robbery in a jewellers ends up with the execution style death of a witness, Regan and Carter are determined to pin the crime on a known safe cracker whose signature is all over this crime. The problem is, he has an air tight alibi and there appears to be more at stake here than just getting their man.

Main Cast: Ray Winstone, Ben Drew ( aka Plan B), Hayley Atwell, Damian Lewis, Steven McIntosh, Alan Ford, Paul Anderson

The Hype: Small screen to big screen works or it doesn’t. A low-budget affair in this case, but chock full of big British names. It is no surprise that it has doubled its money and this will certainly be a big hit at Christmas as stocking fillers for the action man fan in your household.

What I Thought: I liked it. It’s not an amazing movie by any stretch of the imagination, but the story is very believable. The casting is very good, and being a Damian Lewis fan, this certainly interested me in the film. I was impressed by the trailer and put it on my list of films to watch in 2012. I think one of the drawbacks to the plot was the pairing of Hayley Atwell and Ray Winstone as a couple engaged in a sexual affair – it just didn’t work for me and didn’t fit right. This was only a small problem for me and it didn’t spoil the performances of the cast. Ben Drew has a bright future; also known as Plan B the musician, he has appeared in a couple of films that I have liked (Harry Brown and Adulthood) and I feel that given the right roles, he could do very well for himself on-screen, don’t get typecast though is my message here.

Conclusions: A decent plot, excellent cast and very good production on a shoestring budget, this film is definitely worth a watch for fans of the original TV show and films of this genre.

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