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Synopsis: Four (or five, depending on your interpretation) Halloween stories that are connected in some way or another are told in this horror/dark comedy.

Main Cast: Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Tahmoh Penikett, Dylan Baker, Quinn Lord

The Hype: Apparently its dubbed as a modern-day classic horror film. It went straight to DVD…

What I Thought: I actually found this quite entertaining. In the style of Scream, the horror genre with humour thrown in to take some of the edge off seems to be the way to go at the moment and more people are trying this style of slasher flick (Cabin In The Woods). Trick ‘r’ Treat though, is quite clever in that it weaves the main stories in and out of each other and they join up in some way throughout the course of the movie. The titles were graphic novel style which I liked and the effects were pretty neat with the exception of one section which did look very cheaply done. I think if this had actually been released in the cinemas, it probably would have done quite well.

Conclusions: Although I wouldn’t say its a “classic” horror movie, its fun, doesn’t take itself seriously and pokes fun at other horror movies from the past. There are also a couple of moments in there that you don’t see coming which is refreshing. Not so much in a scary way, more in a “that was unexpected” way.

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