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Synopsis: During a hostage crisis in Iran in the late 70s, a CIA operative devises an audacious plan to extract 6 US Embassy escapees from Tehran by pretending to make a science fiction movie called Argo.

Main Cast: Ben Affleck, Alan Arkin, John Goodman, Bryan Cranston, Clea Duvall, Victor Garber, Tate Donovan, Scoot McNairy

The Hype: This should prove to be a bigger movie in the US due to its content, but fans of political thrillers around the world should also enjoy this. Ben Affleck is starting to tackle harder subjects behind the camera.

What I Thought: Unlike The Town, which Affleck also directed, Argo is a sensitive subject matter. The fact that it is based upon true events gives it that extra edge that adds to the intensity of the movie and indeed its story. Although I wasn’t around during the time of this hostage crisis, the feeling of fear and dread felt among the trapped 6 Americans is portrayed well on-screen and you do feel like they do, particularly as the story progresses and the length of their stay increases. The cast do an admirable job and it seems that the actors feel comfortable being directed by Affleck which helps in the outcome of the movie, even more experienced actors like Arkin and Goodman seem at ease and I think Ben Affleck will go on to direct bigger and better movies than this one and be successful at the same time. I do like this type of movie, but I can also recognise when one is done badly. Argo is not one of those movies.

Conclusions: Excellent direction, a quality cast, an intense and although nothing much happens in the way of action, the film is just as exciting and I recommend this movie to fans of true drama and political thrillers. Definitely worth a watch and as such gets a good mark from me.

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