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Synopsis: The story of Peter Parker’s transformation into Spiderman. Following the discovery of his father’s briefcase, Peter follows a clue hidden in a file that takes him to Dr Curtis Connors, Richard Parker’s – and Peter’s father – scientist partner and friend. The outcome will be a survival of the fittest.

Main Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Rhys Ifans,

The Hype: This is a reboot of the Tobey Maguire series of Spiderman movies and this is always dangerous territory. However, following the release of the trailer, the hype certainly increased and I for one was looking forward to seeing this movie, even more so than The Avengers. So sure were the makers that this would be a commercial success, the sequel was announced almost a year before the released of this movie.

What I Thought: A million times better than The Avengers. With only one character to concentrate and give maximum screen time to, the story was allowed to flow nicely rather than seem disjointed and over complicated. I had liked the trailer a lot and having now seen the full movie, I am not left disappointed. OK, I suppose the bad guy could have been a bit better, but I have a feeling the sequel will give us the big pay day in that area. The after credits sequence leaves us looking for answers and I really hope we are not disappointed in 2014. The casting was great and Andrew Garfield’s interpretation of Peter Parker seemed much more natural than Maguire’s which was geeky, but seemed forced. The highlight for me was the use of the Gwen Stacy character who was always more interesting than MJ in the comics and I wonder if they will stay true to the story. Denis Leary adds his grittyness to his character as Gwen’s police captain father and Martin Sheen was a nice addition as the loving Uncle Ben.  The special effects are of course needed in a film like this, but seem realistic and slot in nicely alongside the live action stuff.

Conclusions: A very good reboot, just as the Batman reboot was and with a very good story and excellent cast, The Amazing Spider-Man should go down well with superhero film fans. There’s a very nice sequence in a library aswell 😉

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