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Synopsis: A US Embassy worker in Bulgaria is asked by the US Ambassador to look into a vigilante killer who is taking out terrorist targets on the streets of Sofia. Is there more to the killer than meets the eye? It’s up to Robert to find out the truth.

Main Cast: Christian Slater, Donald Sutherland, Timothy Spall, Elika Portnoy

The Hype: This is a straight to DVD job that is also known as Sofia. Directed by a chap called Isaac Florentine who has directed a scary amount of Power Ranger episodes, but also Undisputed II and Undisputed III, this action film was made on a cheap budget and will probably make it back on stocking filler income at Christmas.

What I Thought: Initially, it started out ok, but as time went on it became very quickly apparent what was going on and the plot was worked out. This is the kind of film you would see Jason Statham taking part in rather than the likes of Donald Sutherland. Christian Slater has taken better roles, but his star has dulled over time and I suppose this is an easy paycheck for him. There is little else to say really, reviews have been poor and this is none more favourable I’m afraid. It’s not all bad I suppose, the action scenes are reasonable, although you do spot the stunt double a couple of times and it all seems a bit rushed to make a quick buck.

Conclusions: A decent cast, but very to work out the plot. A little amateurish in its execution (but look at the previous from the director) so you get pretty much what you expect. No great shakes and I can’t give it any better than the mark below, sorry. There is a niche for this kind of film I guess otherwise they wouldn’t get made.

Smurfin’ The Web Rating: