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Synopsis: A New York bike messenger has the ride of his life when he accepts a job that has an unscrupulous detective tracking him down at every corner. Whatever it is Wilee is carrying, it’s damn important to somebody…

Main Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dania Ramirez, Sean Kennedy, Michael Shannon, Christopher Place, Jamie Chung

The Hype: Out today, the trailer gives the impression of a high-octane trill ride through the street of New York on push bikes. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is pretty hot property ride now after The Dark Knight Rises and Inception and this lead role should see him making much bigger films. He is also appearing in Looper coming soon.

What I Thought: This was pretty much like the trailer showed it to be. A good story that had a few twists and kept you hanging on. What I did like about it was although the movie is set around a 90 minute time frame, you get to see more than one perspective on what is happening, so you find the clock going back now and again to an earlier time that fills in the gap that you will have just seen very nicely. It all fits together and completes  a nicely made film from David Koepp who brought us such films as Death Becomes Her and Mission Impossible. At just under the ninety minute mark, the film seemed longer than it was, but the story and action sequences suck you in and I liked the use of special effects, not overdone, just a nice balance that fit the story.

Conclusions: Premium Rush is basically a chase movie, but with a decent story and a good pace that keeps you involved. It’s not a “lets beat up as many guys as you can” movie while running away, the film has purpose and is nicely executed by all involved, definitely worth a watch.

Smurfin The Web Rating: A good