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This week the Monday Movie Meme hosted by Nicole at The Madlab Post, she is having a double take and is asking which movies we can think of and discuss that have twins as part of either the cast or the movie. Originally she had asked for twin who are actors, but upon realising that this wasn’t as easy as she had first anticipated, she expanded it to characters aswell lol, either is good for me.

So for the subject of Double Take, I have managed to come up with a few, with both twin characters AND actors, go me! This is quite a fun topic actually hence my participation this week, I hope you like my selections and decide to have a go yourselves.

Firstly, I have gone for The Matrix Reloaded which features Neil and Adrian Rayment who played the imaginatively named “Twin #1” and “Twin #2“. These were basically a pair of bad guys with completely out of date dreadlocks that could vaporise and reappear wherever they wanted. The sequences they were in were quite cool I seem to remember and the use of special effects were also nifty. They were the first characters that came to mind when thinking about this topic and I should try to have a look at the Matrix films again, it’s been a while although I found the story a huge anti-climax.

Lisa and Louise Burns are names you probably wouldn’t know straight away and indeed I had to look them up myself, but I think they fit this topic perfectly and are identical twins who are featured in the classic movie The Shining. Not the prettiest looking girls you ever saw, but eerie enough to freak you out just a little when they come on-screen in the horror flick. This would be their only big screen appearance, perhaps just as well…I think they may have been typecast as the weird-looking kids in the mountains that cackle continuously for no apparent reason.

Lastly from me this week is a set of twins that appeared in such movies as Terminator 2, Good Morning Vietnam and Gremlins 2. I am talking Don and Dan Stanton. This isn’t a huge acting career by either of them and 2006 was the time they appeared in anything, either together or on their own. I thought they were definitely worth a mention here though. Terminator 2 was such a ground-breaking movie in terms of special effects and although twins were used for the role of Lewis the guard, the rest of the movie is top-notch.

Other notable mentions – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen although they are not identical twins, they are fraternal, Thomson & Thompson from the Tintin stories whose only difference is the shape of their moustache.

Let’s not forget possibly the most famous twins ever seen in the movies. I don’t think I need to say much more here…