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Synopsis: After the disappearance of his family from their boat, Will Shaw’s world is turned upside down when he finds himself being chased by multiple parties in order to retrieve a briefcase that could help to save his family from certain death.

Main Cast: Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver, Veronica Echegui, Caroline Goodall, Joseph Mawle

The Hype: I caught the trailer in passing and I guess it it one of those films that had limited marketing and was probably destined for a straight to DVD release. The film is released in the US on the 7th of September.

What I Thought: Personally, I preferred it to The Bourne Legacy. At least there was more of a story to this one. Although Henry Cavill doesn’t really suit this spy type role, the fact that his character is a novice at the whole spy game thing makes his performance a whole lot more believable. There is a lot of action and chasing around, but it is broken up by moments of calm that actually contribute to the story and this is the main reason why, for me Bourne was rubbish. Now don’t get me wrong, The Cold Light Of Day is not the best film ever made and indeed not one of the better ones I have seen lately, but there is a good car chase at the climax of the movie and Sigourney Weaver plays her part in the film really well. Gotta love her.

Conclusions: Better than The Bourne Legacy, but overall, not a great movie. It has some good moments, but expect it out on DVD very soon rather than a long stay in the cinemas. I liken it to Liam Neeson’s movies Unknown and Taken in its style.

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