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It’s been a while since I did one of these, but looking for something to do today I figured I would have a look and see if this was still going. This week Nicole at The Madlab Post is asking the question about things, or more specifically people, going missing. “Kidnapped” is the theme and she has come up with a couple of good movies herself.

She mentions Taken which in itself I didn’t enjoy that much, although its sequel which is out in cinemas soon looks much better for some reason and it will definitely be on my “to watch” list. Her other choice of Man On Fire which was directed by the late Tony Scott of course was a very good film and the lead role was played brilliantly by Denzel Washington. Certainly my kind of film.

My own choices now and I will start with a movie that was made when Mel Gibson was a big star in Hollywood, before he lost the plot. Ransom was a really good thrill ride of a movie although I haven’t seen it for years and these days it probably looks like something akin to Speed. At the time however, I enjoyed the film and although the plot was mostly predictable, I can’t remember if I worked out who the bad guy was straight away as is my usual scenario. (I watch far too many cop shows for my own good – lol)
The cast was also really good including Gary Senise, Donnie Wahlberg, Paul Guilfoyle, Liev Schreiber and Rene Russo of course.

Secondly, I have to mention The Silence Of The Lambs (reviewed here). One of the greatest films ever made and the kidnap theme is central to the actual plot of the movie. It’s always thought of as a horror movie first and a crime movie second, but the fact that a Senator’s daughter being kidnapped is the original plot point for the film makes it a perfect choice for this meme. Of course, the film then expands out into the horror genre featuring the brilliant Hannibal Lecter/Lecktor whichever spelling is being used at the time 😉 and the kidnap plot gets forgotten about for large parts of the movie. That doesn’t make it a bad film of course, quite the contrary, but I thought it was definitely worth a mention here. A great cast and Anthony Hopkins played the lead role far better than Sean Connery (who was the original choice for Lecter) ever could have; I just can’t imagine a Scottish cannibal behind the glass – “Clarishe, Clarishe”…

Well I hope you have liked my choices and hope to read some more of yours very soon. Thanks for reading. Feel free to browse the rest of my blog, there are loads of movie reviews on here both old and new – just use the search box. Thanks.