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Synopsis: The team is reunited for another job from Mr Church. It should be a simple task, but when one of the team is brutally murdered, that simple job becomes a quest for revenge, and all that in an hour and a half!

The Main Cast: Stallone, Willis, Crews, Couture, Schwarzenegger, Statham, Hemsworth, Norris, Li, Van Damme, Lundgren

The Hype: Well after the success of the first movie, this one was bound to be just as hyped with the cast. This is pretty much the cream of the action stars right here. At the box office, it hasn’t been quite as the original movie, but I have a feeling that this one will rake it in on DVD sales.

What I Thought: It’s a typical action film from Sylvester Stallone. Lots of violence, high body count and the goodies never get hit. There isn’t much in the way of acting as you would expect and the high point of the film is probably Chuck Norris’ entrance, which is in the trailer… Lets face facts, it’s not great although if you are a lover of all of these guys’ films then you’ll no doubt have orgasms over this film, but for me it was one liner after one liner from each other’s previous movies and it became tiresome very quickly.

Conclusions: You are not missing anything if you don’t ever see this film. Although there is lots of action, it’s the same old stuff that would fit in a Rambo movie from 30 years ago. Nothing new here, sorry. That IS the point though of course.

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