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Synopsis: Loosely based on the board game (for reasons of only the name as far as I can see), during some at sea war games, a handful of warships encounter an unworldly foe who is vastly superior in all ways except one, they’re not American…

Main Cast: Taylor Kitsch, Alex Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Tadanobu Asano, Brooklyn Decker, Peter MacNicol, Jesse Plemons, Rihanna

The Hype: This movie was a reasonable success at the box office and it did what it was supposed to – get bums on seats. I saw this trailer and fancied the look of it, but did wonder how you could get a movie from a board game.

What I Thought: Surprisingly entertaining. Lets get one thing, ok so maybe a few things straight – there is no great acting here, there is no tugging at the heart-strings, there is no huge twist at the end – this is a movie that is basically Independence Day on water. Now I actually quite like Independence Day despite it’s obvious “America is better than anyone” attitude, and Battleship is no different in that respect, it has some superb special effects and a kick ass soundtrack. I would say it was a little too long for what it was trying to achieve, but that didn’t make me want to switch it off.

Conclusions: I would describe this movie as a mix of Independence Day’s story with Transformers’ special effects. It doesn’t attempt to be anything it’s not and I certainly wasn’t bored even though I knew the good guys were going to win in the end in a completely predictable plot, but hey, sometimes its just nice to remove your brain and watch some mindless FX fun for sheer entertainment right?

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